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    Bare metal resources are at least five times cheaper than their equivalent in the cloud.

    I’m curious to find out why this is. I always thought that the primary advantage to cloud resources was flexibility, and that came at a cost, but I didn’t know the cost was 5x!

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      I think the primary advantage is that you don’t have to pay somebody in a datacenter and AWS manages the software you need around your physical infrastructure. @zhemao can probably elaborate.

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        It really depends on the duration of usage more than anything else. It’s easy to fudge the physical vs virtual numbers.

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          I like virtualization because if I break everything (happens all the time, computers don’t work very well) it’s trivial to just throw those machines away -> get new ones. The cost savings in terms of time and sanity are enormous. I also think this gap (however large it may be) will narrow in the future, as people are getting more interested in lightweight approaches to “virtualization”, e.g. lxc/docker, erlang on xen, mirageos, etc.