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      They actually have rewritten the compiler from Rust to Jakt! “Rewriting it in Jakt” is now a thing.

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        Self-hosting was a really big priority as soon as the Rust compiler was mature enough to self-host. They entered about a month of feature freeze. The moment where all tests passed was great.

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      Sure looks a lot like Swift! In fact I don’t see any significant differences, from reading that blog post and the readme, aside from the transpile-to-C++ thing.

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        transpiling to c++ is pretty huge though. it adds it to a very small list of languages with good c++ interop (rather than having to write c wrappers around all your c++ code in order to use another language’s ffi)

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          It is! Interop is one of the reasons I (occasionally) use Nim. But it’s more a compiler feature than a language feature…

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      Now that Jakt is self-hosted, you can watch Andreas Kling hack on Jakt in Jakt. This video is him adding reference types to Jakt.