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Full title: “History Is Written by the Winners. How C Programming Language Was Created And What Was Forgotten As a Result.” by Oleg Girko

Slides: https://infoserver.lv/~ol/files/c_history.pdf

Abstract: There is a common perception that progress is linear and everything gets better all the time. Unfortunately, this is not true. Sometimes old achievements are forgotten to be reinvented much later in a different form. Or not reinvented at all. This talk describes one of such cases: rise of minicomputers that resulted in fall of mainframes, what was state of the art in programming languages at that time, how C programming language came to life and thrived on ruins of forgotten technologies, what we lost and still keep reinventing as a result.

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    historical here, not event. The latter is more for meatspace gatherings. :)

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      Fair enough :) I think we should have a “meetup” tag to denote informal presentations. The content is quite interesting, but we didn’t have a professional recording device, unfortunately.

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      Shame about the camera angle and the sound, seemed interesting, but hard to watch for an hour.

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        We didn’t have a good recording device this time, unfortunately. I did my best to clean up the sound, but it’s still not great. Sorry about that :(