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    I went back as an adult in 2007, I’m about 9 classes away from finishing a general IT undergrad and I still have learned more at work/self-learning. Most IT courses consist of teaching your “group” members how to properly communicate.

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      I wasted a lot of time and only took two classes that have genuinely been useful in life: Business Law and Accounting. Ironically, most people that go to college end up working for those that didn’t.

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        this seems to be the consensus among my friends.. even doctors..

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          I’m glad I went to college. I got a BS in Comp Sci, and minored in Tech Writing. I learned some stuff about CS, became a better writer, and in general learned a fair amount.

          As a practical matter the job value was perhaps more in having a BS than in having the CS knowledge. Not that what I learned was useless, but school didn’t teach me a lot of day-to-day practical stuff for working as a developer.

          Of course I have no idea how my life would have turned out had I skipped college, but things have gone well so I’d be hard pressed to consider it a mistake.