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    I use hugo for my personal blog. One thing the article touches on but doesn’t go into (for maybe obvious reasons) is that bundling and minification are not very useful anymore, unless your server, and the browsers of your readers, are very outdated.

    Arguably minification was never useful — minified css or js will compress to very close to the same size as unminified js will, whether with gzip, which has been supported since the Elder Days, or brotli, which gives marginally better results. I’m not sure whether minification caught on because of cargo-culting, or whether the main goal was always obfuscation, not compression.

    With HTTP/2, bundling is not very useful anymore. An article linked from the above article goes into a bunch of edge cases where some kind of bundling is still useful (basically avoid splitting assets that belong together just because you can). But more generally, bundling makes your site and its build process more complex, and breaks caching, in order to optimize for HTTP 1.1.