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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    drinking coffee. hopped onto the https://100daystooffload.com/ trend. enjoying the rain, and typing

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      I’ll keep working on my current side project atbswp which is a multiplatform minimalist macro recorder, mainly on bug fixes. Maybe finally start reading 500 lines or less (I have procrastinated since the beginning of the year) and look for a way to find duplicates photos in my gallery, duplicates in the sense that, visually the pictures are the same but for the computer no, I think about using a NN, but it might be too slow.

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        • Demonstrate a basic HTTP server made with h11
        • Do more workouts
        • Read “The Communist Movement” (1972), by Jean Barrot (french archive for those interrested here)

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          Does your definition of “basic HTTP server” include access.log?

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            Unfortunately no.

            By a basic HTTP server I just mean something like an echo server. The objective is not to build an actual HTTP server but only to validate the API of h11 and the overall design.

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          • wrote a rather crude macro to auto-curry functions in rust (i’ll be posting about it here soon!)
          • i want to finish off my tui digital habit tracker, it has been on my todo list for over 2 months now
          • trying to bring down my vim startup time to under 50ms from about 80ms. it isn’t a big deal at all, but i just have this strange urge to bring it below that number
          • learn more haskell
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            “Work”: Because I committed one of the unforgivable sins of entering dashes with my SSN into my state’s unemployment system, I have to call a helpdesk to fix it at random times and hope I get a connection that doesn’t automatically ring to a “too many calls, goodbye click” message.

            So I’ve made my animation tools project my “work” in lieu of any other solid job connections. This now involves:

            • relearning Windows configuration to run and study tools like Source Filmmaker in a stable environment.
            • writing a Nix derivation for arcan to use it in my daily-driver OS.
            • mapping out the Blender 2.8 source with doxygen and other introspection tools.
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              If you are not on the IRC already, poke me there if you run into any issues. Finishing up the next networking transparency bits then the test/record/write/release process.

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              I’m learning about git branching, something I’ve avoided for years. I’m 3000+ commits into my project, and the whole time, aside from experiments and accidents, my whole process has been just add, commit, push.

              Firming up my first stable branch and thinking about what to put into a “0.1” release.

              Fixing a couple of JS issues in Netscape 3.x, which have cropped up.

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                “3000 commits and did not branch even once”. All I can say is: wow. I assume you were a team of one on that project.

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                  Indeed, that has been the case :)

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                2D C99 Game Engine. There’s no editor yet, right now I’m writing simple one-screen games to add more meat onto the bones. Wrote (and rewrote) tools last few weeks to simplify builds between Linux and Windows; I ended up with some neat tips/tricks of integrating argparse and cmd in Python I might write up. Lacking generics and good containers (particularly maps), I’m definitely feeling the temptation to move the project to C++, but I’m holding firm with just C with minimal dependencies.

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                  Chugging along at week 8/15 of Weekly Python Exercise and also finishing up the “Decorators & Context Managers” learning path over at Pybites.

                  Don’t really have enough gas in the tank to tackle working a creative project but I’m trying to keep my head in the game and remove the remaining chinks in my Python mastery armor :)

                  I can see a time in the foreseeable future when I say “OK, I’ve mastered it” and finally allow myself to learn another language.

                  I might try Typescript since I can just FEEL the Javascript universe swallowing huge chunks of the world around me in giant gulps, and I should probably be ready :)

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                    (last week: https://lobste.rs/s/vcx5vu/what_are_you_working_on_this_week#c_ilxscv)

                    $WORK: Finished the paper! I’m very pleased with how it turned out, especially that it marks the end of an 18 month dry spell of writing and working. A lot of my moodiness with being unmotivated was resolved by having consistent work to do.

                    Now onto the next one, and then taking a writing break to focus on code by working with something entirely different. Today is about collecting some baseline results to compare against and writing a short form of the paper for a class. The rest of the week, I’ll be continuing to get enough data together to write the full paper.

                    $HOME: Now that that paper is done, I’m feeling really motivated to start Kev’s #100DaysToOffload challenge. I think I’ll be writing some about software and cooking mostly. This weekend, I made little coffee bean shaped cookies but I had to tweak the recipe a lot, so I want to consolidate my changes and also start making large batches to share with family/friends.

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                      Trying to keep my last shreds of sanity while maintaining social distancing, keeping up with even 80% of my work, and trying to help my wife with parenting and general household duties while also checking up on friends and family.

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                        $WORK: Test a synthetic rangefinder/altimeter program, finish up prep for various tests, do whatever else needs to happen this week. Try to sleep.

                        $NON-WORK: Finish my Wayland compositor, honest. It’s… not very inspiring to have to translate that last few hundred lines of fairly boilerplate code.

                        Maybe make a gemini server in Rust? I’d like to try out some variations on the design of the protocol, now that I’ve read a little bit of the actual code, which is indeed artistic in its minimalism. I suspect a few things that I thought would be obvious no-brainer improvements do in fact disturb the very finely-balanced design of the thing, and writing code seems like a nice way to explore it.

                        Think more about the design of a heavy-lift drone. (I need fewer interests.)

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                          What tweaks to the Gemini protocol are you thinking of? I’ve written a server and there is a temptation to just add this bit from HTTP to the point where—oh look! We have a watered down HTTP instead of the beefed up gopher it’s intended to be.

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                            Pretty much what we talked about already. And maybe play with some of the ideas others have batted about on the mailing list in response, such as optional but automatically-generated meta or index files.

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                          I finally found something akin to chroot for Windows! Powershell Direct is a way to execute Powershell commands inside a Hyper-V VM without having to connect over TCP/IP. I’m using this to automate some of my previously un-automatable workflows.

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                            Starting Bloodborne! Hopefully I can beat Lord of Cinder tonight (got to their 2nd phase last night).

                            Continuing my Rust + GTK project. Maybe by the weekend I can announce what it is here. It’s related in some way to Netflix.

                            I’ve cut tea and now only drinking hot water as my go-to warm drink. Let’s see how that goes this week.

                            Other than that…not much else? I wanted to model a lamp this weekend but didn’t get around to it. So maybe that too.

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                              Attending the Convivial Computing Salon (talks open to all) and (procrastinating on) preparing my talk for it.

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                                • Testing how Confluence user management delegation to Jira (which is SSO enabled) will work.
                                • Reading more about ScriptRunner Fragments and finding out if it can help in creating issues with data from parent issue.


                                • Finally over the weekend I ran my first in-home Hall Half Marathon. I’ve put up a quick blog post on that here Hoping to add more details to get more clarity on the same as few folks are still confused on the same.
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                                  Reading through George Orwell’s essays in my free time.

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                                    Still setting up my EXWM environment, and I’ve decided to spend some time checking out some of the various esoteric or joke programming languages.

                                    Some of them are quite interesting from multiple perspectives.

                                    Like how some languages force you to make ascii art to program, or have specific rules regarding wordplay and grammar.

                                    On top of this, my interest in making my own language has been piqued. Even if it does end up being some super small joke language that everybody forgets about in a month or two.

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                                      I just lost 2.5TB of important data and I’ll be recovering/building those information all week or maybe all month. And I also live in Iran so I can’t pay for stuff (I explained/cried here: https://social.tchncs.de/@arh/104105168565243534) so I’ll be searching for someone/some foundation that can pay costs of a year for a Wordpress host.

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                                        How much traffic/storage are you expecting for your WordPress host? Is it connected to those 2.5TB of data? I am asking because your personal host seems to already run on https://www.autistici.org/, and as you probably know, they run a Wordpress farm at https://noblogs.org/ . I guess that’s insufficient for your needs?

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                                          Completely unrelated to that 2.5 TB. My whole posts take about 200 KiB right now (yes, that small) and I probably won’t use more than 100 MiB of bandwidth monthly. Yes, my website is currently hosted on Autistici/Inventati but they don’t support blogs (PHP/Database) with personal domain and I always gave my domain as my main address and I want to use my personal domain for my blog. Noblogs doesn’t support custom domain either (however I have a blog there and I update it whenever I update my blog on my domian). If I can’t find a hosting (that is libre and privacy-focused), I’ll continue using static site.

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                                            I read your mastodon post. You may be able to use Jekyll on your phone. This is a post by Aral Balkan on how he’s using Hugo on his phone to power his website. See https://ar.al/2018/07/30/web-development-on-a-phone-with-hugo-and-termux/ Perhaps his experience can help you set something similar up on your phone?

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                                              That won’t work for me. I’ll need to build my website that uses some gems and then upload it to Autistici. Local gems won’t work on phone. Even if it works, I need something that works everywhere the same and takes less time. But thanks for your message. I really apprentice it.