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    Always nice to see more free resources for category theory out there. For a taste of what you can do with category theory in practical programming, I recommend reading The Comonad.Reader, a blog maintained by Edward Kmett. His interests are omnivorous, ranging from using duality to model infinite streams to a three-part series on efficiently implementing the free monad with Kan extensions. I confess I have a difficult time understanding all of it, but whenever I put in the effort of reading, noting, and googling (googling a lot) it’s been nothing but rewarding. If nothing else it’s nice to have a vocabulary to identify ideas like free monads and natural transformations, both of which have popped up in the Haskell I’ve been writing for work.

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      Not to mention ekmett is just a damn nice guy. When I was first getting into Haskell, he was pretty much my mentor on the #haskell IRC channel. He’d tell me with no small degree of enthusiasm just what cool things you could do with haskell, and patiently deal with my (I’m sure trivial) neophyte questions. He’s honestly one of haskell’s best features, if you ask me.

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        I have also found him to be very friendly and helpful.

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      Has category theory ever really resulted in anything useful for computer science?

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        You can read the abstract to see examples.

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        This looks like a nice read. Thanks for posting.