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    Sounds like Microsoft would be better off splitting things out of the core OS. The article lists some things that have been made better by fast updates like edge updates but there is no reason edge should be so deeply rooted in the OS. I prefer my OS to be very stable and my Applications to be quite up to date. These things simply have to be on separate release schedules.

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      It really sounds like they took a page from OpenBSD’s schedule, but forgot to cull features and work from the same branch as everybody else once a feature can be tested.

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        “Windows as a Service” absolutely does not mesh with “two feature releases a year”

        Continuous release or bust! Web developers know how much nicer it is in this space, and if Windows is really going down this route they should go for it!

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          Continuous release or bust!

          Which they actually are doing, just with Office 365.