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!!Con (pronounced “bang bang con”) 2020 is two days of ten-minute talks (with lots of breaks, of course!) to celebrate the joyous, exciting, and surprising moments in computing.

This is our 7th year and our first time running it virtually. Happy to answer any questions about the conference. We’ll also be publishing our notes about how we ran a virtual conference afterward.

Hope you enjoy!

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    Any word on when the recordings get posted?

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      we’re processing them, which will take a few weeks :) we’ll tweet out and put them on our website when they’re ready: http://bangbangcon.com/recordings.html

      in the meantime, the links thirdtruck posted allow you to see the whole stream

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        Awesome, thanks!

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        Thank you for running it, revx! I had a blast attending, even bought my first MIDI controller (IIRC) after one talk.

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          Amazing, thank you for attending!