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I find the italics in this font interesting, though I don’t think I will be switching from Source Code Pro any time soon.

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      Just realized how pricey this font is, now I definitely won’t be switching.

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      I’ve been using Fantasque Sans Mono for over six months now, and it’s definitely one of the best monospaced font I’ve used. I initially installed it just to see how silly it looked (it used to be called Cosmic Sans, what should you expect), but I realized that a lot of work and effort went into making it. I find that it looks better than DejaVu, Consolas and Terminus for my uses, including playing roguelikes.

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        Early indications are good on Fantasque Sans Mono – Thanks for pointing it out. :)

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        Yes, I’ve been using it for a while too, +1 for Fatasque. It’s especially great on highdpi displays.

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      I’m still in love with Inconsolata, but the italics on this one are interesting.

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      I’m surprised to see a “design” type foundry make a typeface and talk about using it as a UI font for development, since their primary market (and their price-point) is aimed at selling to design shops that need to buy one or two weights of some niche thing for a project and then never use it again. Most developer fonts are “system” fonts, paid for by a corporation and given away as part of a larger thing (Lucida Console, Monaco, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, Droid Mono, Source Code Pro), or hobbyist typographers giving away their work for free (Inconsolata, Envy Code R, Monoid).

      The only other instance I know of where a “design” type foundry released a “developer”-oriented typeface is Input and even then developers are allowed to use it as a UI font for free.

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        There’s also venerable (yet often overlooked) PragmataPro.

        Hoefler’s font looks great, I’d love to give it ago but that price does indeed seem to miss the mark for their intended audience.

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          LOL I thought it was 200 euro for the one font, when it’s a whole family of fonts. PHEW. You can get just one for like 20 bucks, they really should remove the 200 as the default, scary as fuck.

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        That absolutely explains the price point.

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      Hrm… I’m not a huge fan of the font in general (for coding - I think it actually looks like a nice font for reading), but the cursive would really bother me. I’m OK with font switches on websites or printed media (i.e. where fancy topography looks good), but when I’m programming I don’t like any font changes other than the occasional bolding of a keyword. Any more than that and I find it distracting.

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      For 200 bucks I might wait for it to go on sale :| , it’s kinda neat I’d buy if it fell to things I buy for novelty price (20 - 50). Let me know when it’s a good bit cheaper.

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      There is to much ‘cursiveness’ in it for me personally to use as a coding font. The only real requirements I have for a coding font are that one can easily distinguish:

      O (capital o) and 0 (zero) and Q (capital q)
      l (lowercase L) and I and (capital i) and 1 (one)
      ` (backtick) and ' (apostrophe)

      And, I should be able to read it down to 8pt

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      Am I the only one who thinks this looks like the Comic Sans of monospace fonts?

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        This one is the Comic Sans of monospace fonts http://www.dafont.com/pointfree.font

        It’s actually fun to use every once in a while :)