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      Nice. I made something like that a while ago - also in Bash, but with more features and only with GitHub support.

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        That is really nice! I like the idea of adding tests, I may try doing that too!

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          That was the fun part of building it. Everyone should write their own testing library in Bash ;-)

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      Awesome that this looks like it supports both github and bitbucket. If you are only using github take a look at hub which provides a facade over git and adds a bunch of github related features like hub browse which will open the current repo in the browser.

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        Yes, it works on both, github and bitbucket and I will test with gitlab. I will take a look at hub, thanks for sharing.

        Although my idea is to keep git-open as simples as possible, maybe I will take some ideas and implement them =)

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      Wish git had this built in.

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        Probably never will because git is and should be agnostic to what you’re actually using to host the repositories (git != github). There are a number of facaded on top of git (hub for github for example) that act as a pass through for git commands and add extra functionality on top. In my opinion thats the best way to do that sort of thing.

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          You are correct, I wasn’t thinking of that, they will not accept it.

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          It can make a best guess though and try to translate a git:// url into a http(s). Many git servers also serve a website. Git could even have a config variable for the url to use.

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            Sure it could but that can be said about pretty much anything. The unix philosophy is to have software that is minimalist and does its own job extremely well which I believe that Linus and git are looking to follow. Adding a facade on top of git give the most flexibility and keeps the core application as specific as possible so it can just focus on doing that one thing very well.

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        Yes! A friend of mine told me to make a pull-request to github and see if they accept it =)

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