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    i don’t want to mean, but if the author made any worthwhile points, i was unable to tell.

    Therefore, I must humbly ask my prospective reader for a certain moderation when they feel it necessary to pass a harsh judgement on the many errors, lacks and other troubles of the text. Assuming that a large number of medium.com readers are at least as concerned about and as perplexed by the issue as myself, I had to put fast delivery before academic perfection.

    is he trolling? he couldn’t take the time to edit his piece because it was so urgent to get out to his readers; meanwhile, his reader will be spending well over the expected 19 minutes trying to decipher his horrible prose. i’m sure the author has good intentions, but this suggests a real self-importance and disregard for his reader’s time. someone get him a copy of strunk & white.

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      Honestly, I recommend being mean when you see lines like this:

      You may have correctly guessed that this story will be, to a great extent, a boring analytical piece of writing.

      Or this…

      Yet today, surely all participants of the debate would agree with me, to define a correct domain for a proper and productive discussion of those issues is of utmost importance for the future of humankind.

      Rhetorical masturbation, like the more traditional sort, shouldn’t be done in public.