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    This is a major bummer.

    We used Persona extensively at my last job, and it was an enormously-helpful leg up when adding login features:

    After some internal discussion we proposed Mozilla Persona as a solution for authentication. It fit the constraints outlined previously: it is a single source of identity, it is not homegrown, it allows users to reuse their work email addresses as their unique identifiers and, finally, it is no more than simply an identity provider.

    When the assertion token is verified by Persona, it responds with the user’s email address. The Dashboard web server uses the Google Drive API to securely retrieve the authorization list from the Google Spreadsheet set up by administrators and checks if the just-signed-in user’s email address exists in this authorization list.

    I did attempt to run the service myself when they first announced that it was being backburnered last year, and was disappointed to find that the developers had not prioritized re-use or installation by others.

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      Sorry about that.

      There’s some talk in #letsauth on Freenode of trying to build a Persona successor with more of an emphasis on easy self-hosting. The rest of the details are, understandably, up in the air right now. Out of curiosity, what do you think of solutions like https://passwordless.net/?

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        Passwordless is an interesting concept! Often recovery or magic link emails take a long time to reach a recipient so it feels brittle, and I wouldn’t personally use a Node thing. I loved the simple integration of Persona.

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      Persona (or similar) is what we needed… Such a shame that it went away.