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    I have nothing but admiration for the bold architectural changes Mozilla has been making in Firefox of late. Nice to see their leadership recognize that they have everything to lose and nothing to gain by merely attempting to keep up with Chrome.

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      Large parts of the Chrome UI were already web components. Firefox can be doing great things without needing them to be compared to anyone else.

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        Oh totally! That’s exactly my point. They’re doing good, interesting, valuable work and that’s a much bigger value add than trying to keep up.

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      When working with large codebases, I often feel that bad decisions will never be remedied, and legacy code will float around until the end of time.

      The work that Firefox devs have done to make this change is incredible. It really restores my faith that large projects can be refactored well if the vision is strong

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        You need both vision and commitment. Often the vision exists but the commitment does not. This is understandable because large long running refactorings are wildly unpredictable in length and come with a high amount of risk. Deciding when it’s time to take the risk is a very difficult call.

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        Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on this project. I got the newsletters and would read them every once in a while and I was consistently impressed with the dedication and steady progress. This is really seriously awesome!