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Occasionally, I make a comment. I’d like to be notified of replies to the comment the next time I visit lobste.rs (like on Reddit). Specifically, I do not want to be interrupted (no email, no push notification) This does not currently appear possible.

(This is my first submission, and my first “meta” submission; please let me know if I’m doing something wrong)


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    Seems reasonable, just needs another 2 checkboxes in the settings for “comment reply notification settings” and “comment mention notification settings” to add “receive private message”. You can file it here, though unless you’re going to include a PR, it will probably take a long time for someone to get to it.

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      Seconded. Every few hours I troll my “comments” page for replies, but it’s not especially convenient to get to, results in very high latency for replies, and means I generally miss replies to comments more than a few days old.

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        my “comments” page

        Not “Your Threads”? “Comments” seems to be just a stream of comments made on the site, while “Your Threads” is a collection of threads you are involved in.

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          Oh hey. Now you get to observe in realtime that I never checked out (or at one point checked out and then forgot) all the links in the header. =P That’s the page I look at, but not how I typically got there. My route was username → “View Profile” → “Comments Posted”, which is obviously somewhat roundabout and inconvenient.

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          Have a look at tbarbugli’s reply below.

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          hey guys, I did some work on a PR that adds exactly this functionality to Lobsters. The implementation uses Stream’s APIs and the official rails gem. I built a quick PoC and the results are really promising. It would be great to get some feedback on this and some sort of soft pre-approval before I make the code PR ready (still some styling and documentation work left).

          Here’s the link to the repo fork: https://github.com/GetStream/lobsters

          Disclaimer: I am CTO and co-founder of Stream.io