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    So he discovered one of the core principles of UNIX ;-)

    As an aside: there isn’t really a good way to input text on smart phones. Swype works, but if I remember correctly, its proprietary.

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      Except that the post demonstrates multiple prototypes of text-based interfaces on mobile … In fact, nearly every screenshot is in a mobile form factor.

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        Maybe in bulk, sure.

        But he’s talking about using SMS. You’re naturally constrained to a character limit there. You’re rarely going to tap out more than a paragraph or two at most.

        Also, a funny aside: this message was dictated using Siri. I’m not sure I agreewith his assertion that speech to text is that much more difficult.

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        The DC metro’s transit SMS system does have the feature the author suggested for Bus Time (saving stops under customized names) and it works very nicely. Their stops are registered by serial numbers on their signs, so I don’t have to remember those, just my name for it.