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    TileDB sounds very similar to something we built and opensourced at a previous job: https://github.com/TheClimateCorporation/mandoline

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      tremor looks very interesting but not quite exactly what I’m looking for. I want a disk-based log queue with supports for analytic query on unstructured data.

      Essentially, an append-only file(s) of JSON/BSON/msgpack. No server, just a library. A component you can build on top of. I can run various SQL-like queries on it, like tremor.

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        I’m on a federal project, so it’s a good long time before I’ll see any of these get approved, but definitely excited to see what’s out there on the horizon as a couple of these are very promising to me when they mature.


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          I read this and thought: Materialize sounds a lot like Noria*! Well, there’s an orangesite comment from a Materialize engineer that goes into more detail.

          * Research DB from MIT, previously on lobste.rs

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            Also similar to PipelineDB (https://github.com/pipelinedb/pipelinedb), which got acquired by Confluent.

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            EdgeDB seems very similar in concept to FaunaDB.

            Anyone has any idea about what their pricing will be like?