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    Code is at https://github.com/jamii/imp and https://github.com/jamii/focus.

    Sorry about the volume :S

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      Cool work! Love interactive stuff like this!

      Is there any relationship to the other IMP languages (eg. Edinburgh IMP, or the NSA’s IMP, or the little imperative languages found in Software Foundations and Concrete Semantics), or is this something completely different?

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        Totally unrelated. The name came from reading a paper about personifying compilers to make them more friendly. I felt like programming is less of a helpful assistant kind of thing and more of a folkloric deal-with-the-devil kind of thing, where you get exactly what you asked for.

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          Ahh, so it’s meant to be ‘imp’ as in the magical creature, as opposed to being short for ‘imperative language’? That’s what I was thinking and then I got a bit confused when I stuff about relational programming, haha.