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    I continue to be astounded at how much thought and care is put into Rust’s evolution. Great job, Rust team.

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      Starting in Rust 2021, closures will only capture the fields that they use

      This fixes my biggest pain point really. Very nice!

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        The 2021 Edition makes me especially happy because of how utterly boring it is. The changes are simply to take out jagged edges in the language as-is, but otherwise nothing new or big is being added (unlike the previous 2018 Edition with async/await).

        It seems like the future of Rust is really just smoothing out the edges, and the editions are a brilliant way of doing that, since we aren’t stuck with them indefinitely (or forced through a python 2/3 scenario).

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          Note: the official position of Rust project is that Rust is stuck with all Rust editions released indefinitely.