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      Here me out. I love the ZigSelf project, but I really dislike when projects have taglines or names that reference the language they are written in when that is especially irrelevant. An implementation of Self can stand alone without being “propped up” by the fact that it’s written in Zig.

      Likewise, a CLI tool does not need to specify “ls, but in rust!”

      Of course, who am I tell someone what to name their project? I’m just a grump.

      Aside, I really enjoyed this article, and subscribed to read the next ones in the series. It’s a really neat project.

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        I agree! The main problem is that I really suck at finding a name for projects. The choice was between “ZigSelf” and “Untitled Project”. The name is very much temporary, however.

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          I’m normally pretty good at coming up with names for things, but “self” is a very difficult word. My immediate thought is “selfish” which is fun because “it’s self, more or less” but it could easily have a negative connotation which might not be great.