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    The right wards assign syntax is another weird Ruby bad take:

    fib(10) => x

    Think this is a lambda? Nope. This means x = fib(10). I really enjoy Ruby and wrote it as my primary language for many years, but I’m regularly disappointed by the choices of the maintainers.

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      With all the other syntax bits they added in the last few releases, it feels like they’re just throwing syntax at the wall to see what sticks. I’ve written lots of Ruby years ago but with all these new things they’re adding I wonder if I could read Ruby code written today and understand what it does without having to constantly look things up.

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        Most of the things added (like pattern matching) are quite niche. The endless methods are nice I guess, and quite similar to syntax in other languages.

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      Nice alternative syntax for Elixir!

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        I am greatly looking forward to RBS, but am sure will be some time before I am using 3.0 at $WORK. I will likely start a few backlogged toy projects, from a grab-bag that I would normally ignore, just for the excuse to experience RBS.

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