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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    “locking down” My roommate and I are both immunocompromised and Delta variant is becoming a real scary thing in the SE U.S.

    I’m considering writing pulp litrpg fiction to as a form of therapy.

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      Freshly graduated and had my first day at work today.

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        Congrats, and welcome to the machine!

        My graduation gift to you is this great post on how to think about career development by a colleague of mine.

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        Holiday. 😄

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          Had second sailing lesson with 9yo son. (We’re both complete beginners.) Today we had an impromptu lesson in righting the boat after capsizing. Boy was cool as a cucumber throughout, and declared he had “the time of his life”.

          Hoping to do some more coding this week, as I’ve delegated most of the planning that has occupied me the last few months.

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            Vacation, until Friday! Finally!

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              I think I’m going to start building a read-only non-web browser for my network-less computing stack. I already have true-color image rendering working, even though it really only has 256 colors.

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                I have been mucking around in Blender for a side-project I am not ready to share yet. But as a side-side-project I produced this animation of the moon using real NASA data. Maybe someone new to blender will find that post informative.

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                  This week I’m planning to upgrade the network in my homelab rack. Rotate GPG keys on yubikeys. Finish my tattoo.

                  Last week I also started playing with ansible awx, which I recently found. It’s OSS version of ansible tower. I plan to use it to provision all of my machines.

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                    I’ve been reading my recently-arrived copy of Rust in Action. Getting back into exercise. Watching Olympics “live” & IT Crowd DVDs. Just staying inside, thankful my a/c is working smoothly this week. Likely switching cell providers (new phone would be nice) and maybe internet, too (fiber at the house? almost too good to be true).

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                      In-person meetup with my coworkers and working on my novel again. I finally have completed a bullet tree for the plot, I’m just gonna flesh out the bullet tree and write things from here. I’m also going to commission a cover. Let’s see how this goes!

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                        I am booking a flight for a team meetup. I’ve been working with the team at Earthly for approaching a year and we have yet to meet in person. We are all fully vaccinated but my wife is nervous.

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                          Work. What does that involve? The end of one project is in sight and the start of another one or two is on the horizon, so I’m not really sure yet!

                          Also trying to participate more in the local hackerspace, sloooooowly getting used to departing from my pandemic-induced hermitage.

                          And, continue unpacking.

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                            Aside from client stuff:

                            • I have a couple of bash scripts I want to tune up
                            • Starting the Leanpub build cycle for my last Info-Ops book
                            • Nerd Roundup on Thursday
                            • Since I have recently developed a temporary health problem that prevents long-term sitting, Factorio to fill in the time when I can’t sit (or stand) and work
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                              Testing Prefect to see if it’s worth it to use instead of Airflow. Besides that I will continue my reading on ‘Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet’.

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                                I found the move to 2.x solved a number of pain points for our deploys. I’m not annoyed enough to move to something else yet but I’ll be curious what your thoughts are comparatively (I also have folks who’ve espoused dagster instead)

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                                applying to more places, reading “journey to the end of the night.” getting my second vaccine, also.

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                                  I’m finishing up and merging some work I did over the weekend on the car app:

                                  I converted the remaining parts of the phone UI to proper Android Data Binding, and only had to bash through two tricky bugs. It’s still sitting on a branch in case I think of any extra UI data binding to tweak before merging.

                                  I started work on a Content Provider to provide car data for other phone apps to easily query without them needing to talk the custom car protocol directly, and started an example app showing how to use it. I plan on adding more example gauges to specifically show the marginal effort for each consumed data point. This is still on a branch because of trepidation about committing to a public URI name for the data!

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                                    Finishing up the main RPC bits of the API refactor I’ve been working on for haskell-capnp, and porting some of my downstream code to them. Then I get to start slashing & burning legacy code.

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                                      I am releasing a minimal effort unit testing library for Ada in Alire.

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                                        Only doing $WORK a few days this week. I am taking some time off to unwind.

                                        I’ve been working a bit on a 2D game for a few months and plan on getting it further along. I recently implemented some rudimentary behaviors for NPCs and a dialogue tree system and am enjoying working on something outside of my comfort zone.

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                                          I’m canceling some plans for Code & Supply to do some in-person events since the Delta variant has people hesitant once again. I myself actually picked up a chest cold at an in-person event I attended last week, so reintroducing myself to “being sick” has reminded me how little I miss that particular aspect of going to events.

                                          At work, I’m integrating monitoring and observability hooks into some data pipelines. I set up InfluxDB, Prometheus, and Grafana for myself for my home lab and am trying to understand how all of it works before I delve into it for work. Fortunately, the infra is handled for me and I just need to push data into InfluxDB and make some Grafana visualizations. At the same time, I’m investigating Nox for a Python project because a coworker wants to use it and I’ve not done anything with it or Tox. I’ve only being doing Python stuff professionally for about six months now and have existed entirely in the app layer with Poetry. We’re building a library now and it’ll have to work across a bunch of different Python versions and dependency versions. Apparently, Nox is great for that.

                                          I’m trying to get my creative juices flowing again. I’ve felt some stirrings to work on one of three large writing projects I’ve had in progress for years. At the same time, I picked up a 3070 and a new SSD so I’ll be gaming a lot on the new stuff when it comes in this weekend.

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                                            I just did a release of https://github.com/andrewchambers/bupstash tool and fixed a harmless few hiccups as they were found. Now I need to get the energy to resume work on the hosting platform.