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Follow me through my travel exploring the way to get Vim and Git running in a friendly coexistence.


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    Could we update the URL to point directly to: https://speakerdeck.com/wikimatze/git-and-vim-maximize-the-joy-and-fun

    Had I known this was going to be a slideshow I wouldn’t have clicked it. My problem with slideshows is, while the talk may be amazing there are rarely speakers notes in the slides. A single gif in the middle of a slide tells me nothing. Unless the slides are highly informative its impossible to glean any relevant details.

    Would <3 to see this talk though, if there is a video I’d watch it and click that link vs being mad about a slideshow =)

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      Here is a text summary of the slides:

      First, the author has some slides titled “workflows”, “terminal”, “external tool”, and “Vim”, by which I think they mean that they prefer interacting with Git from within Vim, rather than having to switch out of Vim.

      Then the author lists three Vim plugins that they recommend, and gives a few example commands and screenshots of them:

      • fugitive – the most popular Vim Git plugin, letting you commit and diff and such
      • gitv – a gitk clone implemented in Vim; a dual-pane history viewer
      • Merginal – a plugin that lists the repo’s branches and lets you do stuff with them like check them out or create new ones

      That’s all. Follow the links to the plugins if you want to learn more about them.

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        Thanks for wrapping this up.