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      Arch Linux ARM is a separate port of Arch for ARM devices.

      My understanding is that Manjaro is based on Arch, but makes specific decisions for the user and includes tooling aimed at providing a more user-friendly and hand-holding experience. Arch only gives you a bare minimum system and expects the user to figure out how to set everything else up from scratch.

      I personally prefer Arch because I don’t have any “Powered By Manjaro” stickers.

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        There are two “unofficial” ports of Arch Linux, Arch Linux ARM (ALARM), and Arch Linux 32bit, The main Arch Linux distribution only support x86_64.

        And I also thought Majaro was the “multi-arch” distro which was derived from Arch..

        Manjaro utilizes all the above mentioned upstreams to provide their downstream derivativ distributions. Probably 95% of the work is done by the Arch Linux distributions, and Manjaro simply just does their thing on top (whatever that is).

        It should be noted that Manjaro 32bit has been discontinued as the one person working on it didn’t have the required time.

        and if that is so, why would someone run Arch over Manjaro?

        You don’t want whatever Manjaro provides and would be happy with a out-of-the-box no-frills distribution you can build up however you like.