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    That’s a pretty extensive post, nicely done. I have one nit with most setups like this.

    With the way the RPi boots by default you unfortunately won’t get a bootloader with the ability to rollback to a previous generation. There are multiple projects providing a much better boot experience on the 64-bit Raspberry Pis (and other ARM devices). They allow the use of an EFI interface to boot and install the default ARM installer ISO e.g. via USB.

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      Thank you. This is valuable input. I was happy to get the thing running at all and hearing others were having issues I wanted to record my steps. I can’t promise I’ll be expanding on the documentation any time soon as I’ve yet to find a purpose for it in to continue tinkering.

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      I also manage my Pi 3B with NixOS! At first I built everything directly on the Pi, which was very painful, then I went through NixOps first (which I documented) and now Colmena, and I haven’t migrated to flakes yet. Here’s my configuration if you wanna take a look.

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        FWIW, Samba cross-compilation has be fixed as of this commit. If you bump your Nixpkgs revision, it should work.

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          Thank you! This is great to hear! I’m just whinging it, basically. First I need to find something to use this box for though 😂

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            Or, as always, you can add https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/118e531c2d1b80389a69fce0a24c0258fff2e5a7.patch to your patches=[] for nixpkgs!