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    To be the lone dissenter (not really) I’ll share a little story. I had a computer question earlier today, and some searching led me to believe the answer was contained within the r/techsupport reddit. Which I can’t read because they’ve blocked access in protest. Which is pretty infuriating.

    I imagine the point is to teach me some sort of lesson about how I’ll feel when Comcast blocks my access to reddit. But that hasn’t actually happened. What has happened, here, now, today, is that I can’t read reddit because of something the reddit mods have done. This does not inspire much sympathy for their cause. Congratulations, you made me angry. At you.

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      I tend to get angry with any kind of protest, or strike for that matter. Most of the time people tend to have to break things first before it can be fixed and be better. For example, protest (strike) for higher salary for public transport servants shuts down public transport. Which is infuriating but does serve a purpose. The minor inconvenience you got today will hopefully will pay itself back big time.

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        I don’t think you’re the target audience. My bet is that the target audience are the people who either haven’t heard of “net neutrality” before or don’t know what it is. My guess is that it’s probably a pretty effective technique at injecting the concept into public discourse.

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          I am surprised it didn’t get any more votes. Seems important enough, also to lobsters.

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            Looks like they were at different URLs. Had I known the previous one was posted, I wouldn’t have put mine up and upvoted theirs instead.

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            Should you be filling this out if you don’t live in the United States?