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This may be a bit of a topical stretch, but I’ve always appreciated an analysis of good design and business practice. The meat of the article starts a ways past the introduction, look for “Mr. Carmichael and JP have clearly spent a lot of that time focusing on the delicate art of actually serving people coffee.”

For the record, this design is common to a number of La Colombe locations, and stands in stark contrast to the typical Starbucks design, where people seem to pool about in disorderly clumps. The overall effect is quite noticeable, even if the tiny changes are subtle in isolation.


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    my favourite Jewish deli in Atlanta was using a linear version of that order pickup protocol at least 20 years ago. It is certainly clever from an algorithmic point of view, space allowing.

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      Betteridge’s law.

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        For what it’s worth, I appreciate content like this. Even though it has nothing to do with programming, it’s interesting from the design and business standpoint