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    Evidently the author has somehow not heard of Android’s Digital Wellbeing features.

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      Given that ‘digital wellbeing’ is apparently a preview feature in Android 9.0 that only works on Pixel devices, I doubt many people have heard of this feature.

      And excuse me if I don’t put much stock in Google wanting people to ‘disconnect’.

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        The reviews indicate that Digital Wellbeing, while a tad slower out of the gate due to Android’s slower upgrade pattern, is at least as well designed as Apple’s approach:


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      After a while I noticed unintended consequences had set in: I had hit a mental block while working, so I would self-medicate by going to check email, where I would be fended off by the inbox blocker and end up checking social media instead. The result: just as much distraction in a less useful form. I have now uninstalled the blocker.

      I noticed I was doing this. Hit a snag in something I’m working on? Switch to firefox, type in redd[tab][enter]. A truly awful habit. I added reddit.com to /etc/hosts to stop myself. But that stopped it. I really have to wonder how you get to your ‘inbox blocker’ and then go to check social media. Surely you see it and then remember why it’s there and go back to what you were doing?