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    Does anyone here use straight? I never got the advantage, compared to just cloning the repositories yourself (or as submodules). Plus you have to run random code from a github repository.

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      You run random code anyway. Even without straight? Or do you audit all the packages and their dependencies before you use them?

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        I minimize the number of packages I use and usually skim through the source code. Automatically downloading and evaluating code from a repository seems more dangerous, but I do get your point.

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        No I haven’t felt the need.

        I (ab)used Cask for a long time because it was a nice declarative way of configuring packages in ~/.emacs.d. Since I’ve returned back to using package.el and the fact that it handles dependencies much better now, I just rely on it maintaining package-selected-packages and if needed I can just call (package-install-selected-packages) but I don’t have more sophisticated needs.