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    Game itself is here: https://codeguessr.vercel.app/

    I figured the implementation would be a more interesting place to start for Lobsters.

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      Hm, half the files I got has copyright notices on top! Made it a bit too easy

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        Yup, my first one said it was copyright the Tensorflow Project, which made it pretty reasonable to assume that was where it came from. My second one said ‘This file is part of the GODOT project’, so no prizes for guessing which project that was part of.

        Geoguesser lets you move around a bit. It would be interesting if it showed you a random function in a file and then let you walk up and down the call graph until you find something you recognize and gave you fewer points the more you explored.

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        The second code I got was a package.json file which made it a bit too easy :)

        Should probably have a small deny list for certain files?

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          1. Warning: arrow-key selection will result in wrong guesses

          2. Out of paranoia, just in case GitHub does some kind of rate limiting by checking the referrer, I set referrerPolicy: ‘no-referrer’ on my requests.

            Yes, @healeycodes, you are the baddies.

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            On (2)… wow, no kidding. How hard is it to even just literally check out the top 100 repos and index them on your own service, thus eliminating any API calls at all?