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    It would be a standard rant on open offices, but suggested alternatives are interesting. Especially the Eudaimonia Machine (author spells it without second ‘i’ - Eudamonia, Google suggests otherwise). Notice that the chamber is not a particular room, it’s a kind of the room. If I understand it correctly from other sources, every worker gets one for himself.

    I found a nice post about Eudaimonia. It proposes:

    • Getting rid of the library and combining it with the Office and the Salon.

    • Turning the rooms into floors. Ground floor  (open for the public) — Gallery and Salon. Middle floor — Office. Top floor — Chambers with skylights.

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      Now and then.

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        I would have linked then

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          Thought the hanging cable harnesses are reminiscent of line shaft belts.

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          That actually makes me miss cubicles.

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          Facebook’s open office lacks a certain sense of privacy.

          I don’t think Facebook understands privacy, so this is unsurprising.

          edit: adding a /sarcasm since there are two replies assuming I’m serious.

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            I think they understand it fine.

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              They kept secret their internal motivations for their features and selective removal/obfuscation of privacy features. Before that, Zuckerburg mocked users for being “dumb fucks” for giving them their personal information. After becoming rich, he bought out all the houses near his to protect his privacy from snooping marketers. Secrecy and scandals around their manipulations continue. You bet your ass the key decision-makers understand privacy. That’s why you know little about them versus many of their users. ;)


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              De-clickbaited: Why I don’t like open offices, and an overview of the alternatives

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                I don’t think this is really clickbait, it’s just an attention-grabbing headline. There’s a difference. If it were a clickbait headline, it’d be like, “10 Reasons Why YOUR Workplace Will Be The DEATH Of You”