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    Funny identifier on the lobste.rs url: omgnew :D

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      Thanks for writing this! I recently discovered a lot of this myself, from multiple short blog posts that never quite answered the questions I had. I would’ve been in a better place with this blog post. One interesting topic that I’ve had problems with is dealing with cross-platform issues. For example, on OS-X’s default version of bash, you can’t set the auto-complete options after registering the function (e.g for when you might want whitespace optionally after the completion). The workaround sadly looks like this: https://github.com/eeue56/elm-bash-completion/blob/master/_elm_format.sh#L21

      Do you have any idea of a better solution for that problem?

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        Thank you!

        Unfortunately I don’t have a better solution to suggest. Great work btw! If anything pops up in my mind I’ll get back to you.