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This is the weekly stand-up thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.

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    Resuming work on 802.11n support for OpenBSD this week. Hoping to make some initial steps on the long road towards MIMO.

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      Continuing to explore concepts of managed personal operating systems. Keep revising that blog post I started writing last week on it.

      Also, my job search continues ?

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        Godspeed on the job search! What are you looking for?

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          Trying all I can to get something remote for personal non-luxury reasons but I’m associate-level so it’s difficult. Probably trying to stick to what I’ve done for the past few years (general web development) but it’d be cool to branch out if the opportunity for it opened up.

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        For work, I started toying around with a few technologies for fun and profit, it’s really been motivating, there’s a few new people on my team that I wanted to work with for a while so that’s also tons of fun. I’ll take fun wherever I can, frankly.

        For not-work I’ve been taking a bit of time off outside of work, without much worry. I’ve also slacked off of pretty much all offline non-familial responsibilities that I had taken on before my vacations. It really helped morale, and I’m starting to feel the need to do something with myself again, instead of a constant dread of the next thing I have to work on.

        For a nominal pile of money I might also build a very simple membership system for a non-profit. Probably gonna be using something pre-made and open source, with online payments backed by something like stripe or paypal. I need to manage expiring memberships to groups, and potentially the act of moving a group member to another group, and overriding the “payment” in case we receive a check. If anything comes to mind, please respond, I searched a bit for Wordpress plugins. I’d like to not have to write it if I can.

        Family-wise, kids are starting school this week; my eldest is now in grade 1, and his oldest sister is starting in kindergarten. Those of you with kids probably have an idea of the pandemonium that precedes the start of the school year. It’s also tons of fun. Otherwise, I’m moving back to my hometown next year; an offer we made on the house right across the street from my folk’s was accepted last week. I’m getting an inspection this week, and we’re going to sign the paperwork before the year’s end. They’ll free up the house in April, and my lease is up in July, so we’ll have a bit of time to prep the place before we actually move in.

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          OEC classes start again tonight, for the next couple of months my Monday and Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings will be occupied with that. Between that, trying to get some time to mountain bike and disc golf.

          At work I’m revamping our agent bid board.

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            Wow, OEC – respect! And enjoy the outdoors.

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              Haha thanks! It’s a lot of training for the first year, but it gets easier the longer you keep at it. Luckily the experience is not completely new to me since my dad went through it 10 years ago.

              It’s actually pretty awesome, most of our instructors are from his OEC class. :)

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            In between job hunting, I’m working on a Venti implementation and some helper libraries.

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              Learning about threading and processes in my second week of an Operating Systems class. Only 7 class remaining until I get my BS in Comp Sci.

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                At work, I’m starting work on a documentation project for a client, documenting how to use the particular software stack we’ve been working on for a while for them.

                Also at work, I need to do some reworking of the build process of Riak Exploer to make our internal automated snapshot builds a bit more useful.

                On the personal side, I’ve been wanting to start a new project. Though I’m sure there are already tools to do some of what I want, this is more of an exercise that just happens to be motivated by a real-world problem. I have an old back up drive that most consists of copies of data from home directories of old machines, going back well over a decade. I’m wanting to collate and move all of the useful bits to a newer drive (before this old drive dies). So I want to write a tool to index my drive. By file name. Find duplicates by content hashes, etc.

                I’m thinking I want to do something with Python 3, I’ve not written a Python 3 project. I’m thinking Python 3 + MyPy + Hypothesis + Attrs + Click. I have an empty directory for the code. But I haven’t even gotten as far as writing a requirements.txt. Want to do that.

                Are there any good examples of Python 3 first or only projects out there (applications, not libraries) that I can look at? I haven’t written much high quality Python code for a while now, so I’m out of the loop.

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                  xonsh is a shell writen in python3: http://xon.sh/

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                  At work, I’m poking around at figuring out how to deminimize Javascript, or, more accurately, how to correlate minified Javascript with the sources. I’m also playing around with (shudder) XML data feeds in Java, which … well, I thought I’d left this non-sense behind me, but everything old is new again yay.

                  Otherwise, I went to my first aikido class last week and my feet are scraped raw and I’m still sore, but I definitely intend on going back. The family and I are visiting friends in Minneapolis this week; my wife is very excited for the Fair, so I’m sure we’ll soon be sunburnt and sick of fried butter, but for now, we’re still anticipating greatness. Kiddo has decided that the appropriate response to being picked up is shrieking and kicking her feet, so I guess we’re into that developmental stage, which I am reliably informed lasts only another couple of years.

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                    free time before starting at new job next month, worked a bit on a bocce ball game with gravity mechanics, having a lot of fun so far! https://maxbittker.github.io/lunarbocce/ typescript has been fantastic and definitively paid off after the first day of use, however I’ve had some gross tooling issues related to third party modules (pretty much what I expected coming in)

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                      Have been mostly partying at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the past week, this week will be wrapping up the last bits of BedquiltDB 2.0

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                        This week (and quite possibly next week) will have a distinct Redis flavour. Will be continuing to research how to upgrade AWS ElastiCache Redis instance type with as little downtime as possible (turns out t2.micro instances doesn’t support automatic failover in replication groups, nor dump/restore) and if time allows start working on migrating a different Redis instance to ElastiCache.