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A blog post by the author provides a good introduction to the project and his presentation slides (PDF) do a great job of walking the reader through the problem space.


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    Ooh, this is actually pretty neat. I really like how this approach minimizes the amount of assembly you have to write, but also gives you a lot of the performance benefits of a JIT (with the basic block construction)

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      As far as I can tell, this is neither public or well documented, which makes it rather unattractive to explore.

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        Some source code is public on a cgit instance. There are manuals, but more interesting to me are the example VM specifications.

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          Sure, but it’s explicitly mentioned that that’s a snapshot and the actual repo is private.

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            It was a snapshot in 2017, but it looks like it is open now:

            The source code is hosted on my own git server, available to anybody via HTTP. Please contact me if you have some reason to require SSH access. I am now back to using the master branch on git, with short-lived feature branches.