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Stream will be soon (10 AM PDT) and I’ll try my best to be available to tl;dr it for you as always.

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    • Stream at idle point.

    • Stream begins. WWDC hagiography/humour from developers begins.

    • Tim on stage. Audience is “memoji”. Last WWDC had 25 million views. Diversity: Apple does it. There’s also some labs and developer 1-on-1, I guess. Everything developer-wise for free. Works in streaming video apps too. Siri privacy stuff even with HomePod, through P2P? Smart home interop standard called Matter. Supported in iOS 15.

    • Craig for what’s new in iOS. iOS 15. FaceTime improvements. Goal is to make calling more natural, sensory wise. Spatial audio (positional). Voice isolation in microphone using ML to filter ambient noise. Wide spectrum for more range in recording. Grid view for group calls. Portrait mode (like the filter effect in iOS camera, for focus, not orientation). Links to calls…. seems obvious to me? I guess they’re making this a proper Zoom competitor. Windows/Android users can use the FaceTime links. Still E2EE even on those platforms. SharePlay. Add music or video to a call (watch movies together). Or share screen. Music app integrated, for example. Shared playlist for people in the call. Picture-in-Picture includes both the shared content and talking heads. Streaming to TV works too with it. Works with third-party applications, including API.

    • Improvements to Messages. Mindy on stage. Easier photo sharing. “Shared with You” surfaces things posted from Messages into other apps (i.e News or Music, Safari, Podcasts, etc.), so you don’t have to follow up on it now. You can include pictures people send you in the photo library, including merging into appropriate sections of the library (i.e a trip). Pin to shared with you manually as well.

    • Craig back. Focus. Notification improvements. Easier to identify them. Notification summary, on-device ML to summarize and create a digest. Ordered by priority. Messages from people are more important. They’re adding back away messages! AIM in 1999 was vindicated! It integrates into DND. Not just boundaries for others, but yourself. Focus is like a lite version of DND. Profiles use on-device ML to pick what to things matter. Even affects home screen so you pick things relevant to the situation. Focuses can be suggested. Focuses sync to other devices.

    • Intelligence. Live text. OCR in camera. Text selection so you can copy and paste from camera (or dial numbers, URLs, etc.). Works for pictures already in the library. Or in the web. Seven languages. Works across all Apple platforms. Can recognize objects like dogs and flowers. Or paintings. Search for photos in Spotlight. Live text can be used for that too. Contact search with aggregating things relevant to that contact. Search also handles public things like i.e actors.

    • Photo memories. Chelsea on stage. Music supported in generated memories. Navigate and pause of course. Edit them too (i.e pick pacing, music, etc.), with automatic adaptions to what you’ve done.

    • Craig. Jennifer on wallet. Yeah, it supports a lot of bank and metro cards. Even theme parks. Or car keys (ultra-wideband?). Or buildings (home/corporate/hotel keycards). Now your ID too; scan your ID card/driver’s license in participating regions. Stored in secure element. Even in airports.

    • Craig back. Weather app improvements for more information and animations that accurately represent world state. Weather maps.

    • Meg on maps. Spain and Portugal, then Italy and Australia get improved maps. There’s a globe now. Details for districts, buildings, etc. Elevation and landmarks on the map. Night mode. Navigation that makes visualization for i.e medians, turn lanes, bus lanes, etc. It even renders spaghetti junctions (i.e overpasses). Nearby transit lines. Disembark notices. Helps with exchanging stations/lines; directions to next station. Only in some cities so far.

    • Craig. Voice search in Safari, cross-app dragon drop.

    • Gagan on AirPods. “Conversation boost” to try to make it easier to hear people…. IRL. Reduce ambient noise. Announcing notifications for what’s important (food delivery, grocery lists, etc). Focus integration. You can find your AirPods, even when you inevitably lose them, even somewhere far away. Proximity/sound. Separation alert. Spatial audio in tvOS, including dynamic head tracking. Also on M1 Macs. Atmos/Spatial audio on Apple Music.

    • Craig. iPad OS. Home screen improvements. Widgets on iPad, finally. Works like an iPhone, of course. App library as well. It’s accessible from the dock. Multitasking. oh god please don’t be more gestures.

    • Shubham. Tap the top to reveal multitasking menu. Split or fullscreen with slideover as needed. Even if apps have multiple windows. Swipe down to minimize to shelf (old Next term, eh?). It appears automatically when switching apps. Create split views more easy with DnD.

    • Craig. Keyboard shortcuts for it. Notes app improvements. Mentions in Notes. Activity view. Tags. Tag browser. System-wide notes with quick note.

    • Will on stage. Type or scribble. Annotate pages with it. i.e in Safari. Include links. Other apps supported? Link to content. Third-party apps supported.

    • Craig. iPad and Mac supported, viewing supported on iOS. Translation. Now on iPad. Hand write text in translation. Auto translation for conversations. Live text translations. All platforms. All features are supported on-device ML.

    • Swift playgrounds. You can now develop apps on iPad. SwiftUI. You can edit the projects in Xcode on Mac too. Autocomplete. Documentation inline (hahaha, Apple and docs, funny). Debug and submit to App Store on device. Build iPhone apps too.

    • Privacy. Apple likes it, allegedly. The internet is a bad place for privacy because of adtech. Katie and Erik. Emails with tracking pixels. Mail privacy protection. Seems to block tracking pixels. Hiding IP from trackers - I guess they completely block it now? App privacy reports for native apps. See when they access sensitive resources. Third-party domain they’ve contacted list. Siri. 600M devices/month. Other voice options. Siri privacy update. As much as possible should be done on-device. On-device speech recognition. This makes more of Siri work offline and faster.

    • Craig. iCloud. Mike. Better account recovery. Recovery contact list. No access to the account, but they can receive the recovery code if you forget your password. Legacy contacts for accessing your data when you die. Paid sub is now iCloud+. Jesus christ, is this a VPN? Private Relay sure sounds like it, but implied to be Safari only? Hide my email, for unique addresses that forwards back to you. Secure video for HomeKit. Doesn’t count against your storage. No price increase for the new paid iCloud features.

    • Sumbul for health. Video about how being a medical professional sucks when it comes to relaying info. APIs for medical shit, then an app on Watch. Apple’s working on it, apparently, with the help of some medical people at JHU. When they left California, their medical trial did well?

    • Adeeti on more health stuff. Mobility monitoring, so you don’t fall down like a baby. Makes sure you have proper balance and such. Based on real research, apparently. View the metrics.

    • Sumbul again. View lab results. Describes them now too, so you can make sense of medical jargon. Trends and viewing them. Talk with your doctor (sorry Americans). Now easier to share specific data (private allegedly) with health providers. Integrates into EHRs. Family health. Share health data with family if you want. Is it socially acceptable to SMS someone about their heart rate? It might be now. Again, Apple says E2EE in rest/transport. Change sharing any time.

    • Kevin on watch. Health app improvement, including breathing. Mindfulness (?) through reflection. Sleep tracking improvements; respiratory rate. Could be useful if someone needs a CPAP, I guess.

    • Julz for fitness in watch. Tai chi. Pilates. Yeah, they have a subscription service for fitness too. There’s more workout experts I guess. Or music, I guess.

    • Kevin. Portraits watch face. Adjust composition and time with pictures from photos. Shandra. Move the dial to zoom in. Photos app improvements. Easier to view messages. Improvements to using scribble to edit text on watch. GIFs on a watch? How far we’ve come.

    • Craig. Home. Apple design philosophy. Yah. Home keys on phone, hands-free TV, etc. SharePlay again, so you can watch things with your friends. Aggregates recommendations from friends. Group taste aggregation playlist. HomePod stuff, including more regions, computation audio, voice recognition, etc. HomeKit on watch; for i.e doorbell video on watch. Package detection.

    • Craig. In a car? Mac, and probably hardware. New macOS name. Monterey. Many of the same features you saw before. Continuity stuff. Universal control. Single mouse and keyboard across all devices, including iPads. Seems pretty automatic. MacBook cursor on your iPad. Even trackpad gestures. Or Alt+Tab. Drag and drop files too. More than two devices. Including their HID too. AirPlay. To a Mac this time. Scripting. Shortcuts on Mac? Yup. Automator and shortcuts integration. Safari. It’s pretty nice, they say. Simplified chrome. Single row browser, a la IE11. Vertical tabs with groups in a sidebar.

    • Beth. Search field in active tab. Takes on the colour of the site. Groups sync to devices. Send a group as an email. Switch without the sidebar.

    • Craig for more. iPad gets the same tab bar. iPhone has a tab bar available with a tap on the bottom. With gestures and grid view. Extensions. Web extensions on iPad and iOS. New start page.

    • One more thing? Developer stuff. Susan. More APIs. More Swift stuff. More App Store stuff. You can use a lot of the features shown, i.e voice isolation as an API. AR, screen time, extra large widgets, lots of stuff. Object capture. Take multiple 2D pictures to turn into 3D models. They made most of those APIs in Swift, it seems.

    • Ted. Concurrency in Swift. Async/await, but actors.

    • Susan. App store. Ann. Really hammering home the narrative in case of lawsuit. 600M/weekly visitors. 230B$ paid out to devs. App product page. Show app from different perspectives. In-app events for dynamic content, both new and existing users. Like a Fortnite concert…

    • Susan. Xcode cloud. Cloud build and CI. Automating parallel tests across multiple devices. Shows failures in Xcode. Automatically distribute to QA. Only artifacts are stored. TestFlight for Mac. Limited beta today. GA next year. Pricing and availability in autumn. More sessions.

    • Tim. Thanks guys! OS betas today. Public beta next month. GA autumn. Platforms state of the union later today.

    • End.

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      So “the @calvin report” is my current favorite way to consume Apple announcements. Super appreciate it.

      1. 2

        Same. I don’t even read other journos anymore.

      2. 8

        Thanks for the summary @calvin! <3

        1. 3

          “Conversation boost” to try to make it easier to hear people…. IRL.

          Legacy contacts for accessing your data when you die.

          Mobility monitoring, so you don’t fall down like a baby. Makes sure you have proper balance and such.

          Sleep tracking improvements; respiratory rate. Could be useful if someone needs a CPAP, I guess.

          The earliest tech-literate generations are finally getting old. I did just get a kidney stone, so that seems to include me. 😅

          1. 6

            At least some company is discovering that not all their customers are 30-somethings with perfect eyesight and hearing…

          2. 1

            @calvin, I think you’re grumpy. Me too, though.

            1. 4

              Hey now, I find WWDC more interesting than most. Apple’s presentations even if aimed a bit more towards the average person, are well-executed. I do like to point out when the self-congratulation gets a bit too much though.

              1. 3

                And appreciate you for it! 🤗

          3. 15

            I thought business news are off-topic here

            1. 7

              I don’t think it’s “business news”. Stream from conference is more like it, which I think is valuable content – if nothing else, then only for @calvin’s excellent summary.

              1. 6

                how are feature announcements for products of a publicly traded company not “business news”? I know Apple is loved by many, but if it was any other company, this article would be removed as off-topic very quickly. I think we should apply the same rules for all articles/companies.

                1. 12

                  I’m reading because I develop for these platforms. It’s not just feature news for end users.

                  1. 9

                    Barring inflammatory threads, I think the users of the site, reflected in the votes, best decide what is valuable content.

                    1. 6

                      I really can’t wait for this ‘just let the market decide’ meme to die. Surely content and editorial policies are allowed on websites. Surely I can give my kids vegetables even if they just want fries and chocolate. Surely we can regulate fentanyl even if it proves popular with users. Is this a weird opinion now?

                      1. 6

                        Take it easy, it’s not like it’s my life principle or anything. Yeah, policies are fine. I’ve already said that I don’t think this is “business news”.

                        1. 1

                          Of course policies are allowed. And no, having policies isn’t weird. But it was nice back when Lobsters was smaller and we didn’t need policy*, when just community consensus was enough.

                          * except for extreme cases

                        2. 4

                          I had submissions removed that had 10+ up votes for being business news and therefore off topic. The moderation works differently here, well except if it is the fruit company, it seems.

                        3. 6

                          Something like an iphone announcement, sure. But wwdc is specifically the announcement of developer tools. “we’re adding async/await and the actor model to Swift” seems very much on-topic for this site and was one of the things they talked about today. “The new iphone will have NINE camera lenses” would be something that I would agree is off-topic, but that’s a separate event.

                          1. 3

                            I agree with you regarding classification. But please take a look at the summary that Calvin posted. Does any of that text has developer related information, or has exactly the off topic info? “We improved maps”, “our watch can now do X”, and others are just plain marketing for end users, not useful information for developers. WWDC might be for developers, but this presentation ain’t :)

                            1. 1

                              Calvin’s post most definitely has information for developers. Sure, not all of it is really relevant to developers, but I think being able to make apps within the iPad, and using Xcode in the cloud on a non-MacOS device, is absolutely huge for enabling more people to develop Apple applications.

                              There’s tons of APIs made available too now, which developers will need to start using in order to get on the App Store afaik (I think if you work around an API they disallow your app, but maybe that isn’t true?).

                              All the other features might not be directly tied to code, but they are useful when looking at design decisions that devs may want to pick up on.

                              1. 2

                                I think this cuts deep into what people classify as relevant. For me, all the content from that presentation are news, something that I would normally find on the orange site. It doesn’t have any explanation how and why something works. Thus, I would disagree with your statement it is for making design decision, as no one would make design decisions based on the presentation alone, without going into documentation or some other relevant material to understand how the feature works(*). And that is the crux of my argument – the whole presentation is marketing for end users, some of which are developers.

                                (*) now, that would be a great, relevant material to show up here, at least in my definition of relevant.

                                1. 2

                                  That’s certainly a fair point to make, that it is just different classifications. I also wish they had gone more in depth into how certain features work (I’m looking at you, Private Relay and Email tracking protection [is it just on the mail client? what does it do if the tracked image is one that is visible to the reader?]).

                                  the whole presentation is marketing for end users, some of which are developers.

                                  I agree with this, and wish it were not the case :(

                          2. 4

                            I disagree, we have an entire “releases” tag explicitly for announcements of products/features on both open source and proprietary technology.

                      2. 5

                        Disappointed no new MBP announcement, guess I’ll just have to wait longer.

                        The Xcode Cloud announcement is interesting. Given that… is there any reason you couldn’t develop iOS apps on Linux/Windows?

                        1. 3

                          Sounds like both the management of the CI/CD workflow is entirely handled through Xcode, and uses Xcode’s build system to compile, test and build apps. I imagine it’s going to be difficult to do that anywhere except a Mac any time soon.

                          1. 3

                            Disappointed no new MBP announcement, guess I’ll just have to wait longer.

                            Hardware will be tomorrow.

                            1. 7

                              If they announced hardware at WWDC, it was always during the keynote. As this is the only event with much media attention of WWDC, why would they announce new products on any other day.

                              The „leakers“ have also stated, that there won‘t be any new hardware: https://www.macrumors.com/2021/06/07/no-hardware-at-wwdc-suggests-leaker/

                              1. 2

                                Will it be streamed? What time? I can’t find any info about a hardware presentation online.

                            2. 4

                              Still no mention of fixing the appallingly broken podcast syncing to Apple Watch. It’s intensely frustrating that this hasn’t improved for years. So many times I’ve gotten ready for a run just to find out that, yep, it never actually sync’d, and there’s no way to force it to.

                              1. 3

                                I bought an Apple Watch specifically so that I didn’t need to bring my phone when I went running.

                                I feel like “sync these episodes of this podcast to my watch” would be like the first use case they addressed.

                                Nope, as far as I can tell there is no way to sync specific episodes (I don’t want the last three episodes of a 10-year-long podcast I just started. I want them in order from the beginning!). There’s no way to force a sync.

                                It’s such an enormous blind spot that I’m wondering if I’m missing something obvious. What are these people who listen to podcasts on their watches doing??

                                1. 4

                                  I use overcast on both phone and watch. I designate a playlist to sync to my watch. The first 20 items in that playlist sync to the watch. I add things I want to that playlist manually, but smart playlists work also.

                                  If I notice that something I want for my walk/run is not synchronized, the trick to synchronize quickly is to turn off bluetooth on your phone, make sure the watch and phone are both connected to the same wifi network, and launch the overcast app on the watch. It synchronizes immediately.

                                  I’ve never gotten the apple podcasts app to work worth a damn with my watch. @cfl this might help you, too.

                                  1. 2

                                    Thanks. I tried Overcast and it didn’t work for some reason that escapes me right now. Probably PEBKAC (PEBWAC?). I’ll give it another shot.

                                    It still just amazes me that what I would imagine is a top-three use case fo the Apple Watch is handled so poorly. Maybe I just don’t know how business works.

                                    1. 3

                                      FWIW, the Overcast developer (Marco Arment) regularly describes his travails in trying to get watch sync to work.

                                      But at least he’s actively trying, unlike Apple.

                                      1. 2

                                        I believe he’s the one from whom I learned the (disable bluetooth/check wifi) trick to get sync moving.

                                        1. 1

                                          Cool, thanks for the heads-up. I was using Overcast but it doesn’t stream, so in the case when I don’t get a sync I can at least listen on my watch provided I don’t go out of cell reception (easy to do on trails sadly). I’ll give Overcast another shot.

                                        2. 1

                                          Yeah, it sounds like the ball is squarely in Apple’s corner on this one. Apparently there’s just no reliable way to get large amounts of data onto the Apple watch from a phone.

                                          I think his latest approach is to put the whole Overcast sync engine in the watch app, to download episodes over the internet and avoid syncing files from the phone altogether. I don’t know if that’s in the current watch app or a currently-unreleased beta version though, or if he abandoned that altogether.

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