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    As cool as this is, “Model B+” is a poor name. It should be “Model C”.

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      The naming is a nod to the BBC Micro series of personal computers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Micro#Description

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        I think B+ was the right choice since it is a minor improvement on the Model B rather than a model that is differentiated by new features and updated technology.

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          I would agree, except that the major difference between the A and B was the amount of RAM and the addition of an Ethernet port.

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          Agreed. Cables, cases, and memory sticks are not compatible, which covers most of what relates to compatibility. RAM is pretty much the only upgrade that I’d think warrants just a ‘+’ modifier, and that was the difference between A and B.

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          My favorite change is that there are no longer ports on all 4 sides of the device. The OpenELEC (XBMC) Pi in my media center looks like an octopus.