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    This page is full of good advice (as opposed to a lot of Bash/Shell instructions online). It’s referred to a lot for example in the #bash channel on Libera.Chat, and in the Exercism Bash track.

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      Thank you for answering “Why should I pay attention to this, the 1 billionth “bash guide” posted to lobste.rs in the past year.” question. It actually has a lot of useful info.

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      Submitted as a contrast with another recent post (with comments here).

      See also (by the same people as the linked guide):

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        Note that Greg’s wiki also has a section on set -euo pipefail pitfalls, which was discussed in that other thread.

        Personally these days I mostly write Bash for 10-20 line or so CI scripts, often prefixed with set -xeuo pipefail. In that case, where there are few complex constructs and the script is short and easy to audit, it’s fine. However, if for some reason I decided to write a larger program in Bash, I wouldn’t do it.

        The largest Bash script I’ve written in recent years was just a bit over 200 lines, and I opted against it. Hopefully I’ll never write a longer Bash script than that in the rest of my life, though.

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          Thanks. The wiki also has separate FAQs on the pros and cons of set -u and set -e.