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    I listened to it not so long ago. Good episode. At least the first half as I can never listen to the second half of these podcasts because I fall asleep every single time.

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      I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years now. He does such a good job of finding interesting and telling the stories. But, The Pirate Bay?! That brings me way back.

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        That brings me way back.

        Back in those days there was a reoccurring party called OpenGrill (grill == bbq) which a few of the people behind TPB frequented. I have a vague memory of wrestling with their lawyer Mikael W (he won haha).

        I’m not sure if this should make anyone worried or not, but their lawyer is a medical doctor these days.

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          Wrestling at BBQs ( or is it just wrestling Lawyers ;) )? Is this a thing? If so, I want to adopt it!

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        So what I didn’t get: who is operating it now ? And how is that still possible ?