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I though this would be a useful heads-up for those planning to buy or having bought the new MacBook Pro. Watch out what Thunderbolt 3 devices you get…


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    Dunno if it got posted, but Louis Rossmann made a live stream two days ago where he showed the new Macbook Pro (the little 13'‘ model without a touchbar) and it had pretty severe defects:

    • Wifi dies (or slows down) when plugging any Thunderbolt devices
    • Could not power an external hard drive via USB3 adapter
    • HDMI out makes the external display flash green and the mouse starts lagging even on the laptop screen, even at 720p@30

    Plus a minor thing (keyboard is very loud compared to previous model or any other laptop).

    Not knowing if that specific model was faulty or if it’s yet another of Apple’s defective batch where they are not even going to admit to anything (Staingate, Defective GPUs, “You’re holding it wrong”, etc etc), I would at least wait for some kind of reply/statement from Apple.

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      Wow, that video made me cringe so hard for Apple.

      I’ve been a Mac user for 10 years now, and even though my current laptop is in good shape, I was considering to upgrade to a new MBP. The MBP “Escape” was my preferred model, both because of budget and longer battery life.

      After watching that video it’s clear that I’ll need to wait for the next iteration. How did Apple not test those use cases?

      I just ran geekbench on my i7 2013 MBA and the speed difference with the new model is barely noticeable. Granted, the GPU is much better, though I don’t use it except for OSX’s window effects. In summary, I won’t buy a new laptop with zero speed improvements in compiling, transcoding, and CPU-bound operations.

      There has been much discussion on the new MBPs, however, if I could ask Cook just one question, it would be: “What do Apple engineers use for work?”. I’m curious as to which machine they consider their best. 2013 Mac Pro? 2016 MBP? 2015 iMac?

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      First-generation apple products are never a wise investment.

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        Define first generation here? The MacBook line has had numerous iterations. It’s not like this is a brand new product category for them or something.

        I would expect there to be problems with the touchbar, a brand spanking new thing, but the problems being outlined here are….

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          First generation of a new form factor generally.

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          I think this is generalizable beyond Apple. Most 1st gen products will have issues that get worked out in the 2nd or 3rd iteration (or later)