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    This isn’t funny anymore. :D That being said, I wonder if TXT will be the next Intel tech to fall. I mean, it probably could, but I fell like it has been less studied (it is harder to use, indeed).

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      Almost all security research in CompSci that’s targeted for Intel is built on one or more of paging, segments, the virtualization extensions, TXT, and now SGX. That’s unless I’m forgetting something. Regardless, the people looking for Intel flaws should throw everything they have at those specifically. Especially at paging and virtualization given dependence of enterprises and clouds on them.

      Even when nothing is found, they should make automated probes or tests for whatever they were looking for that they can run on new processors from Intel. That’s because the errata (hardware bugs) of each might vary where one CPU that’s immune could be followed by another that isn’t.