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    Spreadsheets are really underrated by “real programmers” - Excel is the most popular functional programming environment in the world. I’m glad someone’s taking a look at improvements to the model.

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      It’s very rare, but I would actually like to see a video explaining this better.

      (Good job with the minimal JS dependencies! uMatrix is very happy with this)

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        Beautiful. This is exactly how I’ve invisioned a better spreadsheet working. Now they just need to hook into external databases and compute resources.

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          Looks extremely cool and polished! One criticism so far: I had a hard time figuring out how to insert rows/columns. Would love to see it take inspiration from TreeSheets, which lets you select and type into a cell border in order to create new rows/columns.

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            This is pretty incredible, and basically what I’ve heard a ton of non-programmer “data people” describe as how they want Excel to work. The list filter, in particular, is a problem I hear described over and over and people end up doing things manually because Excel doesn’t provide a good way to use an arbitrary number of cells.