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    This zero-copy approach to serialization is similar to capn proto, although the latter includes a nice rpc framework. A related comparison blog entry is here: https://capnproto.org/news/2014-06-17-capnproto-flatbuffers-sbe.html

    I’d be interested if anyone has tried them as well as protobuf3. Does the new protobuf3 more efficiently transfer large byte arrays? I’d like to use something like gRPC for syncing servers but assume protobuf3 will add too much overhead for my messages (large % is just binary blob data).

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      Agreed. I would love to see a nice up-to-date comparison of flatbuffers, protobuf3, and capnproto.

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        proto3 should have roughly the same size as proto2. But you can always compress… although, looking through the grpc site, it’s surprisingly difficult to find a succinct description that includes whether compression is available/on-by-default/not-implemented-yet. Anyone know?