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    to research programming languages and tools

    This series is democratizing access to tools one-step removed

    I’m sorry but right now this is a list of stuff curated by one? person who thinks they might be doing things better than others. But this is phrased in such a vague way that I don’t even know where to start.

    Maybe just rephrasing it to be sound less canonical might help, but right now my only question is: where are the roughly 200 tools and languages I’ve already used in the past?

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      I agree that is one weird sentence, but I’m confused by your criticisms. This is a catalog of reviews for programming environments the author has deemed interesting / representative for their category. The name is a riff on The Whole Earth Catalog, a magazine/catalog that included reviews of things, and which, at least for a certain group of people, was seminal.

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        Maybe it’s my perception of the word “catalog”. It says “expansive” or “big”, maybe even “close to complete”. My bad probably, but YMMV.

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      This is really great, thanks!

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        I love the effort going into analysing these things. The videos showing how they work and the examples are great at pitching each of these tools. Good work