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    Ironically, in woodworking it’s often blunt tools which lead to bloodshed. A sharp chisel is fairly predictable and requires less driving force to cut the wood. A blunt chisel needs a lot more force to drive it through the wood, and rather than cutting each fibre one by one it will crush and tear them in an unpredictable jerking motion. Even if the edge of the chisel is less sharp, the increase in force and the decrease in control makes injury far more likely.

    I’ll leave it to someone else to make up the enlightening parallels with software development tooling.

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      He’s advocating sharp tools, with careful design and intelligent usage

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        In woodworking, when you make a mistake, you hurt yourself, right at the time and the place. We are evolved to be acutely aware of anything that can hurt ourselves.

        In software development, when you make a mistake, you hurt others, at sometime later and someplace elsewhere. Something that could happen at a spacetime other than now and here, would never even register in our brains.

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