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    Coming from Python, the language is really fun to use: it feels like scripting.

    I wish I could find a use case for Nim at work ! I hope some good folks will improve the quality of the HTTP stack in the standard library :)

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      My potential use case is where Python scripting simply does not have the raw performance needed, including when Multiprocessed.

      I have a lot of ETL scripts that do relatively simple text transforms. Ported a few to Go, but a faster “scripting” environment would be very useful. I spend a lot of time in Python, but not enough in Go where I can switch back and forth quickly.

      Of course this won’t apply when dependent libraries don’t have Nim equivalents.

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        I have wondered about this use case as well. It looks like you could integrate nim into an existing python codebase with nimpy pretty easily. Unfortunately, management are pretty conservative about which languages are allowed where I work so I doubt I’ll be getting any practical experience with this approach any time soon.