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      For people interested in language implementations, I maintain a list of programming languages written in Rust.

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        That list is longer than I expected. I should get mine added to the list: https://github.com/zaphar/ucg

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          Looks like what you’re building is a configuration language! I’m happy to add it in a new section, if you’ll open a PR.

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            It’s more like a compiler for configuration languages that supports multiple formats as backends. I may just put together that PR :-D

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              Very cool :D Please do!

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        I’m interested in a similar list for languages written in Go if anyone knows of one?

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          I’m not aware of a tracker, but some GitHub searching finds a number of language projects!

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            Ah, awesome! I didn’t consider this.

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      A similar (but smaller) list is found here. Mind you these are only languages active on the /r/ProgrammingLanguages subreddit IIRC.

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      IRCIS looks like SpaceChem.

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      Thank you for this link! There are many things here I found really interesting. I also noticed a language on here which came from https://catseye.tc/article/Languages.md which is a good rabbit hole for programming languages.

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      I’m kind of curious if Dark will ever take off. My gut says no though. I can’t really imagine who would use it. Likely not programmers, except for POC work. I could see a business analyst or other technically minded person using it if the company can’t afford a programmer. But after they get good at it, they may teach themselves coding and become worth more.

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      Some real underappreciated gems in there!

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      Wow, great list. I was surprised at the number of languages that turn up on codegolf stack exchange that I’ve never heard of and now here are a whole bunch more.

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      Oh, Janet is missing. I need to PR soon :-).

      Anyway, great list!

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      Thanks for this!