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    No love for Perl on the language chooser? looks like people have forgotten about the language secretly keeping their systems running

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      FWIW I have a tattoo of the camel.

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        In the future, everyone will set up their dev environments using:

        $ apt-get steves-tattoos

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          FWIW I have a tattoo of the camel.

          Pics or it didn’t happen

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            I have a sleeve with Egyptian mythology all over it; in the process I worked in a Ruby and a camel :) The camel is smaller, but I managed to work it into the overall art: http://imgur.com/VHLDh (this is immediately after I got it; it’s since been colored, but I am too lazy to take a photo now.)

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          This is a weird omission, especially as the Perl community stand is the first one to visit at all conferences. Everlasting love for the bookshelf <3.

          I’ll take a note :).

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          You all left off elixir and erlang as languages. Seriously? C’mon Rust Evangelion Strike Force. :P

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            Added! And also, thank you for your comments from last year’s survey. It really helped to guide this year’s revision.

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              No problem. I noticed that the survey this year has some good questions for folks that aren’t using Rust–you all seem to be doing better on introspection, RESF joking aside. :)

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                Thanks! We put many hours into editing this revision in order to ask more actionable questions. We know this survey is long, so we are trying really hard to not waste anyone’s time.

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                  We actually tried to make the survey have meaningful way for non users last year too! But weren’t as good at it :)

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              Now I’m sad that D was not checkmark-worthy.

              I understand it, though.

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                Forget collecting data on stack overflow, annual rust surveys are how we know a language is important now!