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Clone of typehere.co which is no longer available.

It gives you a text canvas where anything you type is stored in the browser’s local storage. Convenient scratch-pad right from the browser.


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      I’ve done this in the past with a bookmark destination of data:text/html,<body contenteditable="true">. Well, it ended up a bit bigger than that, with styles and such. No local storage in data: domain though, unless I’m mistaken.

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        That’s a neat trick.

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        That’s what I use too, although I set the font as well: data:text/html, <body contenteditable style="margin:2rem;font-family:Consolas,sans-serif">

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      Oh no )-: another step towards moving basic functions to web and web-browsers. Why?

      I used to have a shortcut (when I ran dwm) to open a text editor with a scratchpad file. Now I have a shortcut to open a terminal and a single letter shell alias to open a scratchpad file for editing.

      I bet most people can’t multiply two numbers without sending a bunch of HTTP request to Google search engine anymore )-:

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        I wrote about why I reimplemented typehere: https://squadrick.dev/journal/typehere.html

        The utility of the tool is only part of the reason, the other being nostalgia.

        A local scratch-pad is great, I use i3 and have shortcuts for opening an editor too. More often than not, I usually use my local scratch-pad, but it’s nice to always have something I can open on a machine that’s not set-up by me.

        If you aren’t convinced, that’s fair. Just letting you know that it was more a labour of love.

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          I sense my remark might have landed unwell. If you took it personally (at your work or at yourself), I’m sorry. It was just sort of “an old man yelling at a cloud” kind of remark. Thank you for the explanation and more context provided.

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            Tone is lost in text. Your remark landed well, rest assured, no need to apologize. I merely wanted to post my rationale for posterity. I appreciate the follow-up nonetheless.

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        I don’t see how this moves anything to the browser

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          It moves text editing/ note taking, as in everything from vi to NotePad to Obsidian, into a web browser window.

          I don’t understand why anyone would want to do that, but I accept that nostalgia is a powerful motivator.

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      What’s being tracked?