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    This looks like a static page but it constantly uses 100% of one CPU core and the “GPU process” in Chromium also is spinning at a high rate. What is going on here?

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      There appears to be a task scheduler with hugely deep stack frames; maybe matter.js? There’s ~2mb of JavaScript so it’s hard to tell.

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        I ran the FF profiler on it and it looks like you’re right on the money. I found references to objects from matter.js in all of the most heavily used functions. The process taking the most time is “graphics”.

        Profiling the site with JS enabled, I got an average of 44fps. Profiling it with JS disabled, I got an average of 127fps. With JS disabled, the biggest difference is that none of the code snippets loaded.

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        I suspect it’s the sparkles around “holy grail layout” that might be the cause.

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          Don’t know if that’s it but the page loads and then become blank on my low end smartphone.

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          a post on web layout that even fails to show anything in my fennec browser … epic fail. they are breaking the internet!