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    As a slight aside, I’m rather concerned about Firefox’s move to abandon XUL and switch to the WebExtensions API.

    Not because I don’t see what’s better about the new API (I do) but I fear that some of the things that make Firefox usable for me will go away because the extension isn’t actively maintained anymore.

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      My hope is that Mozilla makes the switch only after significantly extending the API to reach near parity with the current XPCOM extensions, except when it’d be too much of a security burden.

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        I agree that would suck. Mozilla is actively trying to help extensions port to WebExtensions. For the most popular extensions, they are in touch with the developers, and on the Mozilla IRC employees hold “office hours” for help porting to e10s/WebExtensions.

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        Does anyone know why it took so long? Chrome was released 8 years ago, and by this schedule Firefox won’t reach parity with how that first version worked for another 2 years. This can’t have been a technical issue, what made them decide it wasn’t worth moving over?

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          The Firefox code base is massive, and steeped with assumptions of a single process. Re-writing all that code is a huge undertaking, the largest in Firefox’s history. Not to mention the entire addon ecosystem that Mozilla doesn’t even have control over. So actually yes, it is largely a technical issue. That being said, e10s was de-prioritized in favour of Firefox OS for a year or two, which in hindsight was a mistake.

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          Not really related to the story, but does anyone know how to get touch scrolling working in firefox on linux? I’ve tried a ton of stuff found on various sites, but nothing seems to work.

          FWIW, touch scrolling works for me with chromium on linux, and firefox on windows 10. Also, my DE is cinnamon, in case that helps.